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Dr. Harry Hong was trained with both traditional Chinese and Western medicine. With his unique integrative background and rich knowledge of both natural and conventional medicine, Dr. Hong developed a true holistic healing program combining ancient philosophy and modern technology. For those who have explored many alternative therapies but still have unresolved health issues, you may experience a complete different experience of healing. Here you will find real answers and real results.

Comprehensive Holistic Healing Program

Dr. Hong’s program, the individualized body-mind therapy (iBMT), combines Chinese medicine, modern homeopathy, energetic meridian testing, functional medicine, Western medical science, emotional therapies such as flower essences, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, and nutritional supplementation. This integrative approach ensures that each patient receives synergetic effect from all above modalities as well as individualized treatment plan using whatever therapies may help. 

Timing is the key to healing process

Many patients said that "I tried all of the above therapies, but nothing worked for me." However, the reality is that when to use a therapy is equally important to the therapy itself. Using therapies with correct timing, order and combination makes the program more successful than trying the therapies one by one randomly. The timing, order and combination of the therapies depend on individual body's makeup and condition. The iBMT is a total healing approach to complex, multi-factored diseases by addressing the issues from outside in through "peeling the onion." Timing is the key to healing process. (Read more...)

Unique healing concept - No supplementation is the optimal goal of healing

Supplementation approach becomes very popular in natural medicine. Many patients take 20-30 pills daily for long period of time but still have many unsolved symptoms. They don't know if the pills are still helping but dare not to stop them due to the fear of the collapse of their body. Dr. Hong believes that with healthy eating habit and natural lifestyle, people don't need supplementation. Dr. Hong's program is designed to bring back the body's original function with as little supplement as possible. Many his patients maintain symptom-free life without taking any supplements after finishing his program. No supplementation is the optimal goal of the program. (Read more...)

All-natural, no-pain and non-invasive therapies with children-friendly approach

Dr. Hong's program is a true children-friendly program with NO needles and other invasive therapies or strong manipulations. In-office energy test is the state-of-the-art computerized instant meridian testing. Remedies are all natural and easy to be administered. For those who can not swallow pills, homeopathic drops work as great as herbal and vitamin pills. A home treatment plan is given to each patient to avoid frequent office visit. Regular revisit frequency is about 3-4 weeks.

Specializes in treating asthma, allergy, autism, autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases

Many chronic inflammatory diseases share common root issues including toxin accumulation and adrenal fatigue syndrome. Dr. Hong's natural program treat well for childhood asthma, eczema, allergy and sensitivities, autism below five year old, early stage of autoimmune diseases, fatigue and pain with unknown reasons, chronic hidden infections. Medical diagnosis is highly recommended before seeing Dr. Hong. His therapies work well with necessary medications.


Dr. Harry Hong

Harry G. Hong Ph.D. L.Ac.