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Individualized Body-Mind Therapy (iBMT)

The unique nature of the highly sensitive body (HSB) is the presence of an energetically chaotic stage. This outside layer of the disease is characterized by high inflammation, high toxins and high sensitivity and autoimmune responses. The energetic system is so chaotic that many energetic pathways are blocked and the neuroimmune response is so sensitive that it responds to body’s own organ, tissue and regulatory molecules as well as many nutrients and enzymes. Without solving the initial layer of the disease, the body’s overall function can not reach to an optimal condition and any type of therapies may not have an optimal result. Especially if the detox pathway is blocked, any detoxification therapy will lead to more chaotic responses. The patient may show server adverse reaction (detox response) to the therapy as well.

The timing and sequence of the therapies are very important to treat HSB. Therefore, a three-stage multilayered energetic program, Individualized/Informational Body-Mind Therapy (iBMT), is developed to improve clinical efficacy for natural therapies. Every time if the practitioner tries to rash the healing process or the patient tries to push the therapy faster, the end result is always not optimal. Thus learning how to follow the sequence of the healing and not to rash at any time is very important to treat HSB. The characteristics of the iBMT are:

  • Introducing timing concept to healing process and proposing the three stages of healing

  • Emphasizing the initial chaotic layer of disease for HSB

  • Utilizing synergetic effect from different energetic and natural therapies such as homeopathy, Chinese medicine, immune system reprogramming (ISR), flower essences, emotional freedom therapy (EFT), enzyme therapy and nutritional supplementation

  • Applying remedies precisely with the help of Electrodermal Screening

Many natural and energetic therapies help the body by tapping into body’s informational and controlling system and signaling the body to heal. The HSB responds to these energetic therapies well but also develops resistance to specific remedy or therapy easily. Clinically it has been observed that each remedy or therapy has only a short window to work. Initially the patient feels better with the remedy and it quits working after a while. During the short window of time, the body develops some resistance to the remedy, while the therapy is not strong enough to help the body get out of the chaotic stage and it falls back to the chaos right after the remedy quits working. On the other hand, a combination of different modalities always works better than a single one. Synergetic effect of different modalities pushes the HSB out of its chaotic stage quickly before the resistance is developed. Timing is crucial in this case. Once the body is out of the chaotic stage, the meridian balance will return to normal and the healing ability is re-achieved. No matter what disease you have as long as it involves neuroimmune responses and toxins, iBMT is a good start. It focuses on stabilizing neuroimmune regulation and restoring healing ability. After iBMT, all other therapies will work better.